Shangri La

The Shangri La

Melbourne Metroplex, Australia


The Shangri La is a gentleman’s club, located in Melbourne’s Chinatown. The club is rumored to be linked to Triad activities.


Outside, there’s a long, narrow driveway that goes past the entrance of the club, with a small parking lot at the far end of the driveway. It’s about wide enough to let one car through at a time. The entrance to the club is illuminated, with red double doors that are padded with synthleather or something similar. Above the entrance is a marquee that says SHANGRI-LA in a faux oriental font, surrounded by multicolored starbursts. There are also narrow alleys about as wide as a person running along either side of the club building.

Frequent Visitors and Employees

Weilin Chen Night Manager

Shangri La

Melbourne PBEM Byrel