Silver Wolf

Japanese Elf Face and former scion of Akakaze Corporation


Shin Nakata (AKA: Silver Wolf)

Metatype: Elf (30 BP)

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Lifestyle: High (1 month)

Nuyen: ¥11,970

Street cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0

Karma: 1

Attributes (190BP)

Body: 3 Agility: 3 Reaction: 3 Strength: 2

Charisma: 7(10) Intuition: 4 Logic: 4 Willpower: 4

Edge: 3/3 (20BP) Essence: 4.8

Initiative: 7 Initiative Passes: 1

Physical wounds: 0/10

Stun Wounds: 0/10

Armour: 11B/7I

Active Skills (96 BP)

Influence 5

Intimidation 3

Perception 3

Pistols 3 (+2 Heavy Pistols)

Dodge 2

Knowledge/Language Skills (24 free points)

Corporate Culture 4


Local rumours 4

Shiawase Business Culture 2

Japanese N

English 6

Cantonese 4

Qualities (+10BP)

First Impression (5 BP)

Human Looking (5 BP)

Photographic Memory (10 BP)

Allergy to Silver (mild, uncommon)(+5 BP)

Signature (+10 BP)

SINner (+5 BP)

Spirit Bane (Spirits of Beasts)(+10 BP)

Resources (15BP) ( 73,930¥ used)

Gear (10,680¥)

Certified Credsticks X2 (50¥)

Paper Business Cards X500 (SH543692001) (100¥)

Renraku Sensei commlink (1,000¥)

Fake SIN (rating 4) (4,000¥)

-Fake weapons permit (rating 4)(400¥)

Colt Government 2066 (500¥) – 5P, -1 AP, SA, 14© ammo.


-Internal Smartgun System (500¥)

200 rounds regular ammo (400¥)

10 extra clips (50¥)

Flash-bang grenade X6 (180¥) – 6S, -3 AP, 10m radius

Vashon Island Synergist Suit Jacket – 3B/2I (800¥)

Incorporated concealed holsters (-2 Concealability)

-Colour changing

Vashon Island Synergist Slacks – 1B/1I (400¥)

-Colour changing

Vashon Island Synergist High-collar Shirt – 1B/0I (300¥)

-Colour changing

Mortimer of London Greatcoat – 6B/4I (3,000¥)

(Rating 2 Chemical Protection and Insulation, -2 Concealability for items hidden inside)

-Colour changing

Cyberware (16,250¥)

Transys Avalon Commlink Response 4, Signal 4, 0.2 Ess. (7,000¥)

Cybereyes Rating 3, 0.4 Ess. (1,000¥)

-Flare compensation (750¥)

-Smartlink (1,000¥)

-Vision magnification (1,000¥)

-Low-light Vision (1,000¥)

-Vision enhancement rating 3 (4,500 ¥)

Bioware (45,000¥)

Tailored Pheromones Rating 3 (45,000 ¥)

Contacts (34BP)

Kennichi Watanabe Con 4 Loy 5
He is Shin’s childhood friend and a mid-level Shiawase executive that arranged for the acquisition of Akakaze corp. He personally feels indebted to Shin for the death of his father and has been helping Shin in any way he possibly can from behind his corporate desk.

Paul Keefe Con 3 Loy 2
Paul Keefe is a local Arms dealer in Melbourne. Shin helped him work around a corporate quagmire and has since been on good terms with him.

Karl Thornton Con 4 Loy 2
Karl is Shin’s regular fixer. The relationship is purely business, with an occasional back scratching here and there.

Jessica Con 2 Loy 3
Jessica is a bartender at the trendy “Vanilla” nightclub. She has had a crush on Shin since they first met, which Shin knows and uses to his advantage.

Billy Irons Con 3 Loy 2
Billy is an Archon detective Shin payed off when he first got to Melbourne. Billy, with a sick daughter needing constant medical care, responds well to money and not much else.

Sarah Mantle Con 3 Loy 1
Sarah, a minor politician’s assistant, has been blackmailed by Shin: some compromising photos that could ruin her reputation with the political faction she’s in. She doesn’t respond well to requests, but knows that she needs to throw Shin a bone every now and then if she is to keep her secret a secret.



-Shin Nakata was born in Osaka from a Japanese father and an elf mother. Fortunately for the family, Shin could pass for a Japanese human, which helped him get through his childhood and mid twenties without any problems. However, talking about his elvish heritage was strictly forbidden at home. As a result, Shin despises his elvish roots and does not talk about them.

-Shin’s father, Muneo, was the head of a company dealing in logistics. Shiawase, as part of their massive shakeup, acquired Akakaze corp. Shin, having been groomed to head Akakaze after his father, was assimilated and immersed in Shiawase culture. After a while, factions started to see the Akakaze branch as a threat to their power and decided to dig for as much dirt as they could find. Shin’s mother and his heritage was used against him to push him out of the company. As a result, his father was forced to perform harakiri (ritual suicide) in order to spare Shin’s life. He was exiled to HK, where he learned to fend for himself out of the meeting rooms.

-The factions responsible for Shin’s exile grew stronger within Shiawase and wanted to finish what they intended to do in the first place: silence Shin in order to rid the company of the shame of having employed a “tainted” employee. Shin found the strength to once again leave everything behind and go to uncharted territories.

-Shin has been living in Melbourne for a few years now and is starting to get accustomed to his new environment. Some habits are hard to kick though, and Shin enjoys living the “in-crowd” life: going out, spending, staying in nice hotels, etc. He has a habit of leaving a business card on his runs as a “signature”. On the cards is his former Shiawase employee code, something only a limited number of people know, and even less care about.

-When he was younger, Shin, along with a few friends of his, picked on a young orc girl while on a school trip to San Francisco. One of his fellow classmates was awakened and summoned a spirit of a bear to torment the girl. The cruelty displayed by the group was too much for Shin, who was too late to interject: the girl was completely dismembered by this spirit. Shin, not wanting to be left out of the group, decided to take his revenge on a stray cat a few days later, which actually had a strong bond with a powerful spirit. Since then, beast spirits have had it in for Shin.

Silver Wolf

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