Human Technomancer


Name: Trevor “Neo” Smyth
Archetype: Technomancer
Race: Human (0BP)
(Attributes 170)
Agility 1
Body 2
Reaction 2
Strength 2
Charisma 3
Intuition 5
Logic 5
Willpower 5
Edge 2
Essence 6
Special (40BP)
Resonance 5
Physical – 7 1 pass
Matrix – 10 3 Passes
Positive Qualities (10BP)
Technomancer (5BP)
Erased (5BP)
Negative Qualities (-35BP)
Incompetent: Pilot Ground craft (-5BP)
Allergy (Gold, uncommon, mild – 5BP)

Media Junkie (Moderate -10BP)
Virtual Personality (-5BP)
Low pain tolerance (-10BP)
Skills (148BP)
Pistols 3 (12BP)
Etiquette 2 (8BP)
Perception 2 (8BP)
Skill Groups
Cracking 4 (40BP)
Electronics 4 (40BP)
Tasking 4 (40BP)
Knowledge Skills (30)

UCAS Politics 2
Melbourne Gangs 3
Australia Politics 3
Classic Movies 3
Popular Sims 2
Corporate Security 3
Matrix Games 3
Security Design 2
Trid Stars 2
Matrix Havens 3
Economics 1
Data Havens 3

Contacts (BP 6)
Loyalty 3 Connection 3
Complex Forms(20BP)
Browse 1
Command 1
Edit 1
Armor 3
Attack 4
Exploit 3
Stealth 3
Spoof 3

Gear (16BP) 80,000 (200 left)

Ruger Thunderbolt (smartlink) 1150
- Personalised Grip 1 slot 100
- Additional Clip 2 slots 1150
- Advanced safety (Basic, Biometric) 1 slot 100
- Advanced safety Electro Shocker 1 slot 500
- Extreme Environment 1 (desert) 100
5P -1AP BF 3RC (9)c (9)c
Ammo (900)
Pistol Gel 10 Clips 350
Pistol Explosive rounds 10 clips 550
Armor (700)
Leather Jacket, Feedback Clothing 700 2/2
Metalink (2) 200
Vector Xim (2) 400
Fake SIN 4 4,000
Fake SIN 2 2,000
Fake License (Ruger) R4 400
Gear (7020)
Datachip (40) 40
Mapsoft R6 (Melbourne) 30
Holo Projector 200
Tag Eraser 150
Gun kit 50
Magnesium Torch 20
Medkit 6 600
Stimulant Patch 3 (3) 225
Trauma patch (3) 1,500
Auto Picker R6 1,200
Wire Clippers 25
Glue Sprayer 150
Micro Flare Launcher 50
Micro Flares (4) 100
Respirator R6 150
Middle Lifestyle 2,000 (one month)
Optical Tap 100
Fiber Optic Cable (46M) 230
Nanomemory 200
Vehicle (59,300)
Rover 2068 25,000
- Pilot 4 10,000
- Spoof Chip 500
- Morphing License Plate 1,000
- Run Flat Tires (4) 1,000
- Anti Theft 2 slots 2,600
- Chameleon Coating 2 slots 13,000
- Fuzzy Logic 1 slot 2,500
- Extreme Environment mod 1 slot 2,000 (dessert)
- Termination System (enhanced) 1 slot 700
- Breathtaker (10 doses) 500
- Satellite Communication 500
Vision and Audio Enhancements (1780)
Goggles R6 300
- Low Light 100
- Flare Compensation 50
- Vision Enhancement R3 300
- Smartlink 500
Earbuds R3 30
- Select Sound Filter R2 400
- Audio Enhancement R1 100


Trevor grew up the kid of a couple Ares wage slaves in the Ares
Arcology in Melbourne. His childhood was pretty normal, though his
parents felt it was unhealthy the amount of time that he spent on the
Matrix. Not that they did much about it but growl at him every now
and then, and tell him to “go outside”. They were both too wrapped up
in the potential advancement of their careers to pay that much
Not that they were bad parents per say… they made time for him, just
not a lot. They never missed a birthday, watched all of his school
competitions (Trevor had been coerced onto the debate team by a
teacher trying to get him to be more social, he was also on the chess
team.) over trid, and gave him a healthy allowance.
Trevor wasn’t unhappy with his life. Oh, he had his frustrations, but
they were normal kid stuff. (His father refused to get him a datajack
until he turned 18, no matter how well Trevor presented his case that
the improvement of a DNI over trodes would help him with his
schoolwork, and wouldn’t just be used for goofing off on the Matrix.
He pined over girls out of his league, and was never satisfied with
the ones he could get a date with. He failed drivers ED three times,
until he just hacked the network and gave himself a passing grade with
the help of a couple friends from a cracking forum he frequented.
Things changed after Crash 2.0
The Crash hit while Trevor was programming a Bot for “Ultra Commando”,
the shooter that he and all his friends were playing. The Bot was
intended to mimic his own strategies, so that he could essentially
play against himself, see his weaknesses, and correct them. When he
woke up, he was in an overcrowded clinic, with his father asleep
beside him. His Mother was on a cot next to him. She never woke up.
During the following weeks, Trevor underwent his Emergence. It was
the same as most newly awakened Technomacers, a new awareness, and
gradual discovery of his abilities. During his first experience in
full VR without Trodes, He said to himself “I am the One.” (This was
also before he knew anything about other Technomancers.)
Like a lot of people, Trevor and his Fathers SIN’s were lost in the
crash. When it came time to get a new one, Trevor found himself
asking… why should he? The corp didn’t care about him or his
family. The supposed “Personal Condolences” from the General Manager
had their names dubbed in with a different voice. Did he want to go
to College, and lead the exact same life that his parents had?
He almost stayed, because he knew his mother would want him to, and
because he cared about his Father and what his leaving would do to
him. Would have, if breakfast the morning of “SIN day” had gone a
little differently. If his Father hadn’t told him that he was going
to be bringing Sarah from his department home for dinner.

  • We are shaped by our heritage. Facial features, skin tone, height,
    build, metatype, even aptitudes are influenced by the genes
    passed from parent to child. Attitude, too, is taught by parents,
    informed by their own lives and their cultural heritage. Where
    does your character come from, what is her lineage, who were
    her parents, and what did she inherit from them?

Caucasian. Beyond that, he doesn’t know his family history.

  • Very few people choose to become shadowrunners. More
    likely, they are thrown into the life by a chaotic and uncaring
    world. Even if she made a conscious decision to enter the
    shadows, her decision is influenced by the world around her.
    How did your character get into shadowrunning, and why did
    she take that path?

Running was the only way to make any decent money out on the streets,
unless he got into things like dealing. He does some unsavory things
as a Runner, but thinks of himself as a step up on the morality scale
from most people on the street.

  • People have control over their own living arrangements. From
    the child young enough to use crayons and tape all the way up
    to the elderly shut-in who plasters her walls with family photos
    and cat pictures, everyone makes their living spaces more personally
    pleasing. What is your character’s living space like, and
    what has he added or changed to make it his own?

Beyond the amenities that he can afford, he hasn’t really decorated.
its not like he spends much time looking at the actual space after

  • Everyone has beliefs, and many have beliefs strong enough to
    be convictions. Some are religious, some are political, some are
    social, and some are just about why people are here. What does
    your character believe in, what are her convictions (if any), and
    why does she hold them?

As an InfoSavant, he really only has one belief… That information
wants to be free. He tries to follow this “code” as much as he
can,even though as a shadowrunner he isn’t always able to let the
information out into the world as he would like.

  • It’s Sunday morning, and your character has no commitments
    until tomorrow afternoon. What does she do for the day?

Plays some Matrix games, spends some time on some Data havens, and
watches some of his favorite shows.

  • Everyone has their limits. People can be dark, but most people’s
    instinct is to draw the line at certain actions and thoughts, and
    they keep to their own moral convictions. Is there a moral limit
    that your character enforces on the jobs she takes, and in what
    shadow work would she refuse to engage?

No hurting Kids.

  • Life as a shadowrunner is by definition outside the bounds of
    “normal” life. Shadowrunners do not truly fit into the lives of
    ordinary people, whether they live in slums or mansions. What
    does your character think of ordinary life, mainstream culture,
    and those who abide by it?

A mixture of envy and pity, envy for the life he used to have, pity
that they don’t know what else is out there.

  • One of metahumanity’s greatest assets is its ability to look toward
    the future and imagine a better life. Even small children
    have dreams about what they want to be when they grow up.
    What did your character want to become when he was a child,
    and what are his goals now?

He wanted to be a Decker… The best Decker, and always assumed he
would wind up working Matrix Security for Ares. He still wants to be
the best, now he’s just coming at it from the other side.

  • Everyone has a name, but a runner’s street name is a representation
    of his connection to the shadows. Sometimes runners
    choose their own moniker, but more often it is given to them as
    a nickname or earned through some (mis)adventure. How did
    your character come to be known by his street name?

He started calling himself Neo after his “I am the One” moment in the
Matrix. Some people have recognized it and tell him it’s dorky, but
most don’t get the reference.


Melbourne PBEM Wish