Mage on the lam


Human mage

body 2
agility 2
reaction 2
strength 2
charisma 3
intuition 4
logic 4
willpower 4
edge 4
magic 5

Mentor Spirit
Gremlins (2)
Hunted/enemy (10)

conjuring: 3
Sorcery: 3
arcana: 2
enchanting: 1
pistols: 1
Assensing: 3
unarmed combat: 2
clubs: 2

Security procedures 6
knots 4
History 4
paranormal Critters 4
Corps (aztecnology) 4

English N
Japanese 2

Nicky (telismonger) loyalty 2 Connections 3

Analyze Device
Analyze Truth
Deyect magic

Fire 2services
man 2
watrcher 2

Spellcasting 2 (rod)
summining 2 (skull also houses mentor spirit)
power 2 (Staff)

Middle lifestyle 1 month
squatter lifestyle 1 month
flash bang grenades 12
durable clothing
armor jacket
AR gloves
Sony emperor
certified cred-stick 2
fake license level 3
fake license level 3
fake sin level 4
fake sin level 3
tool kit
with smart link
key card copier level 2
’gas mask
survival kit
Doc wagon basic 1 year
med kit
thaumaturgy kit

Mercury comet sedan

staff ( power focus)
Colt Manhunter


While attending MIT&M Jericho’s scholastic advisor, Dr. Isaha Mondioba, an anoriginal shaman from the out back.of Austrailia, interdusted him to Dr. Henery Legerdman the director of antiquities for a small AA magical research frim in seattle. Dr. Legerdman had been very inpressed with jerichos assessing skills and was looking forward to adding his talent to his team.

After graduating from MIT&M, Jericho moved to washington to seek work as a research and developement wage mage with him frim. Dr. Henery Legerdeman, even asked Jericho to escorted a new acquision from Boston to Seattle. A ornatnely carved skull shaped metal artifact.

Two things happened on the trip cross country.
One: the company that hired Jericho was swallowed up by Aztechnolagy and all the research and acquisions were moved to Tenochtitlan in Aztlan, and all the employees were informed that they would be moved there too. All contracts were in full force and no one would be alowed to exerisze any exit clause until Aztechnology could determine its need and their pay statis.

Two: Jericho begain to suspect that there was more going on with the skull then anyone might have thought

When Jericho landed in Seattle, no one was there to meet him. He tried contacting Dr. Legerdman, but could only reach a bot set up to receive any messages for him. The bot informed him that the Dr. was under new employment and not avialable for appointments and if his old friend from miami, Jericho, was here for a visit he would be disappointed that he could not meet with him, but his friend could contact Aztechnology and make arangments to visit him in Azlan. Dr. Legerdman hoped enjoyed his flight back to Miami and the graduation present he had gotten him. He also asked him to contact their mutual friend in Boston if he should fly back that way.

Confused by the strange message Jericho contacted Dr. Mondioba to see if he knew what was going on. Dr. Mondioba said that he had heard from Dr. Legerdman and he was under house arrest and was being forced to move to Aztlan. He had also “missplaced” jericho’s contract and that he would suggest Jericho disappeared before aztechnology security came knocking.

At Dr. Monsoons’ suggestion Jericho used the last of his signing bonus to buy a ticket to Melbourne and disappear in the shadows. With only the bags he brought with him to seattle, a name Dr. Mondioba gave him and a magic skull Jericho slipped.into the dark shadows of Melbourne to start a new life.


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