Karl Thornton's troll bodyguard


Close behind him is an enormous troll. He has to duck to fit under the threshold of the front door, and once inside his head is only an inch from the ceiling. He’s caucasian, bald, with bushy brown sideburns, and has a scowling face that is utterly ordinary in its ugliness. His canines protrude from his thin lips, one longer than the other, and his horns extend diagonal and up from the sides of his head before sweeping down to curl towards his shoulders. He also has a neck tattoo of a flaming skull. He’s wearing a dark grey jacket studded with small black plastic pyramid spikes that any shadowrunner worth his or her salt would recognize as a Securetech Enforcer, a very common make of armor jacket. You notice that the troll is silent and watchful, with a completely flat affect, and has this unnerving way of seeming like he’s noticing nothing and everything at the same time. He appears to be looking right through you guys.

The troll is his bodyguard, who Karl calls He-Man. Behind his back, you know that people also call the troll “Sleeping Beauty”, on account Karl had him fitted with a data filter that he keeps running 24×7, blocking transfer of short-term memory to long-term memory. He-Man may be slightly oblivious and seems to have the memory of a goldfish, but that lack of memory makes him a very reliable confidant, and also a singularly vicious fighter once provoked. Being completely in the here-and-now seems to agree with him, and he has zero compunctions about tearing annoyances literally limb from limb, as you know he did to the last person he heard call him his less flattering nickname.


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