Dwarf Weapon Master


Erik Weinmann

(Dwarf, Weapons Master)


  • Analytical Mind
  • Technical School Education
  • SINner
  • Records on File (Ares)
  • Bad Luck


Body 4
Agility 5(7)
Reaction 3
Strength 3
Charisma 2
Intuition 5
Logic 4
Willpower 4
Edge 1
Initiative 8
Physical Damage Track 10
Stun Damage Track 12
Essence 1.7


Active Skills

Mechanic (Aeronautics Mechanic, Automotive Mechanic, Industrial Mechanic, Nautical Mechanic) 4
Electronics (Computer, Data Search, Hardware, Software) 1
Biotech (Cybertechnology, First Aid, Medicine) 1
Dodge 2 (+2 Ranged Combat)
Pistol 2
Automatics 5 (+2 Assault Rifle)
Heavy Weapons 3 (+2 Grenade Launcher)
Armorer 5
Perception 3
Infiltration 3

Knowledge Skills

Street Knowledge

R&D Programs (Ares) 4
Security Procedures (Ares) 2

Academic Knowledge

History (European) 3

Professional Knowledge

Firearm Design 5(6)
Chemistry (Industrial Chemicals) 2(3)
Mechanisms (Micro-scale) 3(4)
Manufacturing Processes 3(4)
Electronic Actuators 2(3)


Hypermodern Chess Theory 3


English (N)


Nuyen: 1900

Karma: 1


Ruger 100 (not working)

Ares Alpha

  • Gas Vent III
  • Shock Pad
  • Imaging Scope
  • (Smartlink on Scope)
  • (Vision Magnification on Scope)

Hammerli 620S

  • Silencer
  • Hidden Arm Slide


Weapon Type Qty
Ares Alpha Rifle Stnd. 20 clips
Ares Alpha Grenade Launcher Smoke 5 clips
Ares Alpha Grenade Launcher HE 5 clips
Hammerli Stnd. 20 clips


Armor Jacket 8/6


CMT Clip

OS: Renraku Ichi


Fake SIN (4)
Fake SIN (3)
Fake SIN (2)


Armorer Shop
Automotive Mechanic Shop


Docwagon Basic (1 year)
Medium Lifestyle (1 month)



Ultrasound Sensor


Cybereyes (3)

  • Flare Compensation
  • Smartlink
  • Vision Enhancement(2)
  • Ocular Drone
  • Protective covers


Cyberears (3)

  • Audio Enhancement(3)
  • Damper
  • Spatial Recognizer
  • Select Sound Filter(2)
  • Balance Augmenter


Wired Reflexes (2)



Muscle Toner (2)


Name Connections Loyalty
Ted Mackowiak 3 4
A fellow researcher at Ares, and a buddy of Erik’s. Erik bumped into Ted on the way out of the territory, and Ted misdirected some guards for him. They now keep in occasional contact. Low-level project manager in Ares R&D.
Jessie Redrick 4 2
One of the Lone Star reps who were investigating the faulty weapons. She contacted Erik shortly after his departure for more information, which contributed to Lone Star’s later reluctance to accept Ares’s story. This helped force Ares to ‘silence’ him.

Erik Weinmann used to be happy as a corporate man. Security, good pay,
a great job, and steady advancement were all given to him by Ares. His
work in debugging the latest firearm designs had left him with a
string of excellent reviews, and praise from his colleages. That is,
until the day a new model of corp security weapons began failing
catastrophically in the hands of other corp security forces.
Unfortunately for Erik, he had been recently promoted to the head of
that development team. This sudden failure of the products he was
responsible for gave him a radical shift in career plans. He barely
dodged the Ares security team sent to detain him, and was forced to
race them to the exit. His one stroke of luck happened as he passed a
display case of Ares weapons. He was able to break the glass and
snatch one of the assault rifles shown there as he fled.

Thrown out on the streets in Seattle, with nothing but an illegal
rifle and the cybereyes he had talked the Ares management into getting
him for his work, there wasn’t much choice but to turn to the shadows.
For a few months, he made out alright; many of the jobs were simple
enough that one man with some technical experience and a good gun
could help pull them off. He even started developing a network of
contacts he could use to improve his chances. However, he wasn’t aware
of how hard Ares was looking for him, or how much his activities made
known about his whereabouts.

One day though, he was on a team making a simple and (relatively) safe
run, when they were intercepted by a squad of Ares security. He never
knew how many of the others got away; he only knew he was lucky to
have made it away a second time. He immediately began searching for a
way out of the area, and found his answer in a smuggler, who took him
and his belongings to Melbourne (minus most of his nuyen)…


Melbourne PBEM Byrel